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About my jazz journey:

I'm a composer, arranger and I play piano.I concentrate on Jazz-Fusion with the influence of classical techniques and middle eastern music. 

I wish to bring new things to Jazz and combine new rhythms and new ways of improvisation.

I write music for films, I have experience as a music director in theatres.



My first station - Israel

I started my journey in Israel 30 years ago, trying to learn to play the guitar. It didn't work well, my friend told me that I'm not a good guitar player and that I should try a different instrument.. I did.




My neighbor above me in The Netherlands 

At my next stop I started to study orchestral conducting in the Netherlands  and here, more than the music, the language was my big difficulty. In order to deal with this challenge, I translated all of Yehuda Amichais poems, late in the evenings in my small apartment. I had to practice piano with headphones in order not to disturb my neighbours, because the school didn't have enough pianos to practice on. Those were crazy days and nights for me, I decided to leave...



My next stop: The U.k

The next stop of my journey was the UK. I had lived 3 years in Canterbury, few months in London and one year on the beach in Margate. I practiced 12 hours a day on the pianos owned by the music department at the university of Canterbury. I spent the whole day in an old building on the ancient wall, that used to be a medieval police station,  hunted by ghosts, practicing 12 hours a day in rooms that used to be prison cells. Beautiful times where all of the music from my first album was composed. Unfortunately, my music was technically too hard for all of the musicians I knew at the British music scene and so, I found my self constantly flying to Berlin in order to record there.






Moving to Berlin was the most reasonable move, as all of my old friends from high school had moved there and many more friends kept on coming. I found myself sleeping on the couch at the flat of the same old friend that told me, I'm not a good guitarist and I should switch to piano. I managed to find a flat within a week and learned the language very fast thanks to the 500 poems of Yeuda Amichei that I had translated to Dutch 7 years before. I found myself taking part in a most exciting project, Iran&Israel Sistanagila, playing with Israelis and Iranians in concerts all over Germany, and enjoying close friendship with wonderful people from Iran. Another project is a soul project with the singer, Nicole Sperber and her husband, Mathias. 



My next station is Lüneburg. Whereas all of the previous relocations had been made in the name of music, it was the love that brought me to Lüneburg. I have moved to this city in order to marry my future ex wife, who has also been the inspiration for three pieces from my albums, Safe Journey and Wrong Direction. Lumina, Funny and two numbers from the flollowing Album, In A Hot Distant Land, were writen for our dogs.

Since my arrival to Lüneburg, I have completed my third Album, Wrong Direction, and started composing classical music for Opera projects, such as Kammeroper Freiberg act II, which has been performed in Leipzig featuring me on the Piano, and composing classical music for piano and sax. 

I also started working as a composer, pianist and producer for Franziska Bub Productions. Another project, is with the rapper, Ewane Makia, who was born in Cameroon, for whom I orchestrate and conduct, and I also teach piano and composition at Fit in Music and in Musikplanet.

Since the Covid19 pandemic I have released my fifth album "Epidemic Adventures" with a scolarship of the GVL and Neustart Kultur and my sixth Album "Desert Prince" as well as a theater piece with the actor and theatre creator, Markus Gille, "Eisbär".

I am now working on my next album, "Apocalypse Next Tuesday", a duo with the Iranian composer and multi-instrumentalist Yaser Bayat and a duo with the slovenian saxophonist Matej Bunderala, with whome I will play my classical sonates as well as some contemporary compositions of less known composers.




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