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About my music

Apocalypse Later is the third piece of my second album, Safe Journey, and it's a joke about the film, Apocalypse Now. 

I wrote it during my second summer in the UK, while I was doing pool ups and set ups at the Westgate Park in Canterbury (between the sets). I use in that piece a fugal imitation technique and non-conventional time signatures (11/8 and 7/4).

Tales of Blood (in a hot distant land) is going to be on my fourth album, In a Hot Distant Land, and it's about the civil war in Syria. 

Wrong Direction, my third Album, comprises Classical techniques, like the 12 semi-tone composition concept that Schönberg has developped, used in Wrong Direction, and Song for Tanja II, with a usage of contrasting melodies, co-operating together.

Asman was originally composed for the Israeli-Iranian group, Sistanagila, and I wrote in on December the 20th, 2013, while I was sitting on the Bus, heading to my girlfriend and future ex-wife, and the most difficult thing, was getting a pencil from the other passengers,.

Funny and Lumina were written for my two dogs, conveying their personality in the music.

The civil war in Syria and my colleboration with Syrian musicians has brought me to write the forth Album "In a Hot Distant Land".

The ninth piece of the ALbum, Dribsi, was written for another dog that had stayed with my other dogs. The 10th piece of that album is a Bularias, a flamenco dance.

My fifth album, Epidemic Adventures, with new compositions that are inspired by the pandemic as well as traditional kurdish and jewish pieces.

In Desert Prince, I brought new inspiration from progressive metal bands like Dream Theater, Rush ans Panzer Ballet, with the goal to be different and bring something new. One of my favorites on that album is "The King of the Salt", with distortion on the double bass and the other one is "JJ Collective" which is a dodecaphonic piece under the concept of Schönbergs Vienna 12 semi-tones.





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