About my music

Apocalypse Later is the third piece of my second album, Safe Journey, and it's a joke about the film, Apocalypse Now. 

I wrote it during my second summer in the UK, while I was doing pool ups and set ups at the Westgate Park in Canterbury (between the sets). I use in that piece a fugal imitation technique and non-conventional time signatures (11/8 and 7/4).

Tales of Blood (in a hot distant land) is going to be on my fourth album, In a Hot Distant Land, and it's about the civil war in Syria. 

Wrong Direction, my third Album, comprises Classical techniques, like the 12 semi-tone composition concept that Schönberg has developped, used in Wrong Direction, and Song for Tanja II, with a usage of contrasting melodies, co-operating together.

Asman was originally composed for the Israeli-Iranian group, Sistanagila, and I wrote in on December the 20th, 2013, while I was sitting on the Bus, heading to my girlfriend and future ex-wife, and the most difficult thing, was getting a pencil from the other passengers,.

Funny and Lumina were written for my two dogs, conveying their personality in the music.





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