About my music

The Jazz Traveler is about my Journey from Israel through Europe to who I am today. All of the pieces have been composed in the UK. Some of them, like Acknowledgement and Mist, are a reflection of my life in Amsterdam and the others reflect my life in Canterbury. I recorded that album in Berlin, after 4 years attempts to find musicians in the UK to record them.

My second album, Safe Journey, which I dedicated to my ex wife, Tanja, has been mostly composed in Berlin, apart from "The Return to Jerusalem" and "Apocalypse Later". 

My third Album, Wrong Direction, has been recorded in Berlin after my relocation to Lüneburg and the Pieces are mostly composed therough the time that I was stralling between Berlin and Lüneburg, playing concerts in Berlin and lower Saxony.

The next Album, is "in a hot dostant land".